No matter what, charge.
Surfer: Freddie Meadows
Music: Kal P. Dal – “Om Ja’ Va’ En Slashas”

INGRID Live # 2 Way Out West

Coco Morier – Hallucination

Petter intervjuar Freddie Meadows i tidningen Outside

“Here’s a little video made by my great bud Emanuel Haglund for the magazine, Outside. The legend himself, Petter, was taking some well earned time off during the winter months in Costa Rica… We became good buddies and had a few epic adventures together. Check out the chat! Hope you enjoy!


INGRID Live #1 Way Out West

Andrew Wyatt – Harlem Boyzz

Palmtrees & Pinecones – #three

Palmtrees & Pinecones – the saga of a Swedish surfer’s journey through the seasons.
Holy Ghost! – Some Children
Raekwon – Molasses

The Maldives Chronicles – Chapter 7 – Freddie Meadows [Just Chillin]


Petter & Freddie talk about surfing. Freddie is ripping as usually!


Temptress Torö

Cleaned Up Men

This session smelled like dead ocean. The red tide killed em all. We noticed this while paddling out, dodging dead fish in the duck dives. But we tried our best to clean it up, one cutback at the time.

Surfers: Chris, Jonathan, Lars, Shades & Danne E.
Music: Betty Wright – “Clean up woman”
Edit: Shades
Camera: KP

The Maldives Chronicles – Chapter 3 – Cribs [I'm On A Boat]

Petter & Blueberry Visuals goes MTV Cribs.